• Hybrid Flash Array

    • A Hybrid Flash Array is a storage array that utilizes at least two types of storage media, one being Flash storage, the other could be several possible options. These options could be fiber channel, SAS, NL-SAS or SATA drives or any combination.

    • Why should I consider Hybrid Flash Arrays?

      Hybrid Flash Arrays are used by businesses that have a need to store both hot and cold data in a single storage platform and want to balance performance and economics. Common uses are general purpose storage for mixed workloads including server virtualization, virtual desktop and databases across any industry.

      How do Hybrid Flash Arrays Work?

      Hybrid Flash Arrays provide the ability to blend capacity and performance in a single array in the most cost effective way possible. Most Hybrid Flash Arrays utilize some method of tiering to move data to and from performance and capacity tiers in the array to optimize capacity and performance needs.

      What are the benefits of Hybrid Flash Arrays?

      Hybrid Flash Arrays allow customers to choose the ratio of performance and capacity that best suits their specific needs to achieve the optimal value for their investment. The ability to add more Flash or capacity as needs dictate is a powerful ability.

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