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    With products built for power and performance, there's no limit to what you'll conquer next.

    • Professional Grade Tools

      See how these customers are using professional grade tools to get the job done.

    • Team Liquid customer story

      Team Liquid

      We took a few pointers from the pros to inspire our innovations in performance and style. Learn more about what goes into our Alienware design process with Team Liquid in the driver's seat.

    • Mark Mann customer story

      Mark Mann

      Professional photographer Mark Mann is transforming the art of portrait photography. See how he brings out the best in his subjects with Dell’s professional grade tools.

    • Powerhouse Animation customer story

      Powerhouse Animation

      When Powerhouse Animation is tasked with actualizing their imaginations they opt for powerful Precision workstations and immersive, virtually borderless UltraSharp monitors.

    • LOL eSports customer story

      LOL eSports

      What qualifies #Alienware to power the LOL Esports 2019 World Championship stage? We unpack our partnership and what goes into creating a hardware standard for the biggest competition in esports.

    • Professional Grade Products

    • Dell Precision Workstations

      Dell Precision Workstations

      Reduce downtime, harness emerging technologies, and create without limits. With Dell Precision Optimizer Standard and Premium you’ll get intensive work done faster.


      Alienware Gaming Systems

      Best-in-class gaming and VR ready: Fuel the epic win and enjoy the most immersive PC gaming experience anywhere. Choose from ultra-powerful desktops powered by high-end components.


      Dell UltraSharp Monitors

      It’s the world’s #1 monitor brand for a reason. You can see everything and do anything with up to 49-inches of virtually borderless display and capabilities for a seamless multi-monitor setup.

    • Professional Grade Resources

    • Forrester Report

      The Value of Powerful Workstations in the Digital Age

      In July 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the value of workstations. Learn how professional creators benefit from fast, secure devices that help them make progress in their day-to-day work.

    • Oliver Media Report

      The Future of CGI: A Report on Visualization Trends in 2019

      In this report we’ve collected the views of six of the world’s leading figures within the CGI and visualization industries that include game engines, movie and advertising, motion design, and on-air motion graphics.

    • Qualtics Report

      Making AI Real: A 2019 Report into AI and Machine Learning

      In this report we have surveyed more than 2,500 business decision makers (BDMs) around the world about how they are currently utilizing AI in the increasingly competitive global market.

    • Forrester Whitepaper

      Exploring the Role of Monitors in Improving Employee Experience

      An analysis on how monitors and their features enable employee experience for business growth including a summary of key recommendations.