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    Drive data innovation to create new value

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    • Be ready for anything. Push forward with powerful data insights.

      Realize the full potential of your data, wherever it lives, with end-to-end solutions from Dell Technologies. Optimize the flow of data across and between all your cloud and edge locations, and improve products and customer experience by innovating with data. 

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      Put data-led innovation on the fast track

      A recent ESG study found that data innovation accelerators increased revenue 19%1 and cut operations costs with data management. Take data innovation to the next level.

    • Meet your data where it lives

      Modernize your infrastructure and unlock digital innovation with real-time insights from increasingly distributed data.

    • Connect people, things and systems

      Connect people, things and systems

      5G will dramatically increase the number of devices generating data. Integrate internal and external data sources for pervasive connectivity across your digital ecosystem.

    • Create value at the edge

      Create value at the edge

      Edge computing has enabled new real-time, data-driven use cases. Deploy, secure and support infrastructure and applications closer to where your data originates.

    • Bring private and public cloud benefits to the edge

      Bring private and public cloud benefits to the edge

      The benefits of a cloud operating model are well known for private and public clouds. Bring that same value to all of your edge locations.

    • Optimize the flow of data through your organization

      Get the right data to the right people at the right time by modernizing your data pipelines.

    • Modernize your data lifecycle

      Modernize your data lifecycle

      Update your data pipelines and lifecycles with data management designed for the distributed data era.

    • Take decision-making beyond human scale with AI

      Take decision-making beyond human scale with AI

      Tame data volume, variety and velocity, and take your organization’s decision making beyond human scale with artificial intelligence.

    • Transform security to accelerate innovation

      Transform data security. Speed digital innovation.

      As data becomes more distributed, so do your vulnerabilities. Transform security from an innovation inhibitor to an accelerator.

    • Use data innovation to power the digital experiences your customers expect

      Accelerate how you build personalized experiences and smarter products by transforming your digital innovation process.

    • Modernize how you design digital products

      Modernize how you design digital products

      Continuously improve product and service design by creating data-driven business models and increasing competence in software-based digital innovation.

    • Streamline software production cycles

      Streamline software production cycles

      Develop and run apps in private cloud, public cloud and edge environments, and provide a consistent developer and operator experience.

    • Get the digital innovation skills needed for the data era

      Get the digital innovation skills needed for the data era

      Meet the demand for data expertise and create a competitive advantage for your business by bridging the skills gap with data consulting services.

    • Turn your data into real business transformation

      Learn how CIOs are reimagining what's possible with data to gain a competitive advantage, from new revenue to new services.

    • Resources for innovating with your data

      Explore these digital innovation resources to get the most value from your data.

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      Create new value in the data era

      Turn your explosion of data into innovation.

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      Make bold decisions with AI-driven insights

      Create new opportunities while reducing risk.

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      ESG: Data management top priority

      ESG eBook reveals 89% of survey respondents say achieving data management maturity is key to future success.

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      How to illuminate opportunity

      Competitive advantage depends on leveraging the right data. See how to light up new paths.

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      HCI at the edge

      Discover how Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Tanzu deliver high-performance computing at the edge.

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      How FedEx delivers value at a greater speed

      FedEx saw a 40% increase in developer productivity after moving their data centers from on-premises to co-lo and cloud.

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      Hybrid Cloud: a smart choice for AI and HPC

      Survey finds organizations improve security, latency, application architectures and costs with hybrid cloud adoption.

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      Transform manufacturing with data, the edge and 5G

      Data-driven insights, automation at the edge and the power of 5G are revolutionizing manufacturing. See how to accelerate your transformation.