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    • CONNECTED CIO: Shifting from Light to Right

    • It’s not easy to ramp up a remote global workforce in a matter of weeks. But the benefits of a connected, remote workforce became clear almost as quickly as they were implemented. Now it’s time to shift from doing it light to doing it right — with the right technology, services, security, policies and culture to enable your teams to thrive.

      Featured Speakers:

      • Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies
      • Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and COO, Dell Technologies
      • Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Dell Technologies
      • Mike Crones, CIO and Principal Director of Program Operations, Draper
      • JJ Davis, Moderator and SVP of Communications, Dell Technologies
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        Discover more webinars and our broad portfolio of remote workforce and collaboration solutions designed to help your remote workforce be productive no matter where they are.


        Connected CIO: Navigating the New Normal

        Dell Technologies and global leaders cover strategies for responding to COVID-19.

      • "Thank you for the opportunity to share this moment with you. I only hope that the concerns that you have commented are being talked about in a similar way in the rest of the Management Committees of the most important companies in the world. They are very important questions for everyone."