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    Forrester report: The Future Of Enterprise Computing Starts Now

    Today’s approach to PC life cycle management (PCLM) is a siloed and very manually intensive process for IT leaders. In fact, the survey revealed that 81% of IT has to manage the PCLM of devices before the process reaches the end user. What’s even more surprising is that 53% of the challenges take place during the procurement and onboarding phase.

    With IT becoming more involved and integrated within the wider business, it’s important for IT to step away from device management in order to fulfil its role as a business partner.

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    • Future of Enterprise Computing Forrester Report

      Key findings

      Learn more about key findings from the Forrester report:

      • 90% of firms said they implemented or will move to a new device deployment model within the next 12 to 24 months.
      • 54% are planning to shift to a PC-as-a-Service subscription model that includes support and deployment.
      • 78% of ITDMs looking forward to initiatives to improve workforce productivity by providing a variety of devices to work from.

      Forrester Opportunity Snapshot “The Future Of Enterprise Computing Starts Now” – A custom study commissioned by Dell, May 2019