High performance specialized applications

Extreme performance allows you to take full advantage of off-the-shelf and custom applications built on file systems.

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Legacy storage limits real-time and data intensive workloads

The breadth, timeliness, and scale of off-the-shelf applications, as well as many custom and industry-specific applications, are often directly limited by storage constraints inherent in legacy infrastructures. These bottlenecks impact an organization’s ability to leverage analytics for a wide variety of use cases, including cybersecurity, fraud detection, risk assessment, engineering simulations and traditional high performance computing.


Realize the full value from your specialized applications

Dell EMC DSSD D5 accelerates data intensive applications for real-time insights and scales to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations - advanced real-time analytics, trading applications and fraud detection for financial services, EDA for manufacturing, analytics for healthcare and government, life sciences research, and many more.

Solution Brief: Accelerating time to innovation

SAS 9 on Dell EMC

Up to 12.4%
lower wall clock*

Than the fastest flash solution ever tested by SAS.

CPU cores

Enables >3x the concurrent analytics, users, and applications*

Up to 1/5th
the footprint*

Extreme bandwidth density

Leverage faster and deeper analytics to bring innovation to market sooner

Enable faster, smarter decisions

  • Accelerate analytics from hours to minutes
  • Bring innovation to market sooner
  • Apply more complex analytics on larger data sets

Improve the user experience

  • Achieve faster, more consistent response times
  • Gain higher analytic accuracy and confidence
  • Simplify access to data and analytic tools

Deliver more value from analytics

  • Fully utilize existing analytic investments
  • Deliver faster cycles of learning to improve analyst efficiency
  • Deploy new analytics without additional CapEx

DSSD makes delivering analytics faster and easier

Delivers extreme performance

  • Eliminate storage as the bottleneck for analytics
  • Fully utilize existing compute; no more I/O wait
  • Simplify management with a consolidated analytic environment

Enables a simple, scalable architecture

  • Deliver linear performance scaling for extreme concurrency
  • Right size performance and capacity with a flexible architecture
  • Reduce footprint downto 1/25th with elegant form factor

Provides an analytics driven infrastructure

  • Deliver a proven, modern, and future proof solution
  • Quickly deploy new applications and add new users
  • Power next generation real-time analytics

“Dell EMC provides a fast, scalable x86-based server and storage solution for SAS applications. This allows customers to rapidly deploy and leverage a wide range of innovative SAS solutions. This new flash storage platform will accelerate data processing and allow scalability to solve our customer’s most data intensive analytic problems”

Gary Spakes, SAS Global Technology Practice Director

Press Release: Dell EMC for SAS analytics

"DSSD’s D5 storage product is screaming fast and we see immediate benefits that the D5 can bring to IT environments within our Financial Services, Technology/Telco, and Federal verticals’ "

Bob Olwig, VP Business Strategy and Marketing, WWT

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Explore how to DSSD rack-scale flash accelerates and scales analytics applications enabling organizations to become more data driven.

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