High performance databases and data warehouses

With faster, more consistent storage, you can deliver real-time performance and NEVER have to hassle with performance issues again.

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Storage constrained applications

Limited storage performance forces organizations to be in a constant state of monitoring and tuning and implement workarounds making databases exponentially more complex to deploy and manage. The resulting environment is expensive, batched, and rigid with limited ability to support business agility.


Accelerate performance and simplify design

Dell EMC DSSD D5’s revolutionary database performance accelerates analytics to real-time, greatly reduces the need for monitoring, tuning and complex, costly workarounds, and delivers agility by simplifying the way teams design and build databases.

Solution Brief: Real-time insights

DSSD D5: A faster platform for Oracle data warehouses

6 Million

Faster analytics and more transactions

8k IOPS at 200µs

More consistent and predictable response times

56.2 GB
per second

More data intensive analytics

*DSSD is also available in a dual configuration doubling capacity and nearly doubling performance at the same low latency.

Enables more effective analytics and decision making

Accelarates analytics

  • Runs complex analytics up to 6x* faster
  • Fresher data; eliminate the need for pre-aggregation
  • Larger data sets for deeper insights

Improves business agility

  • Self-service, ad-hoc queries for improved reaction to market changes
  • Access to the freshest and most granular data for more targeted analysis
  • Shorter project times and more consistent performance

Simplifies data warehouse environment and lower costs

  • Consolidate data marts to reduce cost and increase visibility of licensing spend
  • Offers up to 55% lower TCO and up to 2x more performance per dollar vs the leading engineered systems**
  • Flexibility to deliver best of breed applications

DSSD D5 makes your life easier

Simplifies your workload

  • Virtually eliminate the need for performance workarounds like materialized views and other labor intensive tuning tasks
  • Greatly reduce project delivery times
  • Save cycles to deliver more value added services to your organization

Delivers consistent, high performance

  • Accelerate existing applications by an order of magnitude, reducing analytics from hours to seconds
  • Improve end user experience with consistent, ultra fast responses

Provides more value

  • Up to 55% lower TCO and up to 2x more performance per dollar vs the leading engineered systems**
  • Flexibility that lets you run best of breed applications to fit your needs

"With DSSD, we’re able to support applications and analytics at never-before-seen speeds; this is what enabled us to make the leap to this new generation of flash storage, and we’re not looking back"

Brian Dougherty, Chief Technical Architect, CMA

Customer case study: CMA Consulting

"DSSD provides a performance capability that exceeds our expectations. We anticipate DSSD D5 to provide at least a 10x performance improvement over our existing analytic platforms."

Doug Babb, Chief IT Systems Architect, Systems Implementers Inc.,

contractor supporting the USAF and initiator of the Project BonFire

“We are really excited with the results of the STAC benchmark which demonstrate how Dell EMC DSSD can further improve the performance of existing applications built on kdb+. Our financial services customers are always on the lookout for new architectures that combine low operational latencies and high data rates. At the same time, our customers need to store a massive amount of persistent data without compromising on performance metrics.”

Mark Sykes, Chief Operating Officer of Kx Systems

Dell EMC DSSD for real-time tick data analytics

“Already, the results of the Dell EMC and EDB tests show that the unparalleled performance of the DSSD D5, together with flexibility of the EDB Postgres database, provides a unique platform for customers to modernize their traditional database workloads.”

Marc Linster, PhD, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Export Compliance Officer at EnterpriseDB

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Customer Case Study: CMA Consulting

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