High performance big data applications on Hadoop

Innovation that redefines Hadoop for real-time enterprise analytics.

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Hadoop’s batch processing legacy limits the value of big data analytics

Big data contains undeniable value, but Hadoop, which was designed for batch processing, is not ideal for utilizing big data for actionable enterprise analytics and other near real-time applications.


Transform Hadoop with rack-scale flash for big data analytics

Dell EMC DSSD D5 makes big data actionable and ready for enterprise analytics by providing extremely low latency and enterprise-level reliability for Hadoop. Key to this capability is the DSSD D5 Hadoop API plug-in, which enables Hadoop applications to utilize the full potential of DSSD rack-scale server flash without any application modifications.

Solution Brief: Enterprise analytics on Hadoop

Breakthrough HBase performance on Cloudera

Up to 22x
lower latency*

More predictable and consistent response times

Up to 8x
more operations*

Increase throughput by an order of magnitude

the storage

Efficiently leverage flash for Hadoop

Data intensive analytics for real-time business transformation

Enterprise performance

  • An order of magnitude performance improvement
  • Faster, more consistent and predictable response times
  • Improved user experience

Improve operational insights

  • Real-time personalization and recommendation engines
  • Streaming analytics and event detection
  • Low latency business intelligence and analytics

Enables real-time solutions for all industries

  • Financial services: risk assessment, compliance, and fraud detection
  • Telco: Churn reduction and fraud detection
  • Manufacturing: Yield, quality, and supply chain optimization

Deliver Hadoop as a key component of the enterprise analytics infrastructure

Delivers faster, more predictable performance

  • Order of magnitude throughput increase and latency decrease
  • Certified for Cloudera CDH
  • No application changes required

Enables a simpler and more scalable architecture

  • Scale compute independent of storage
  • Easily tune compute performance and capacity
  • Future proof architecture allows you to add performance as hardware evolves

Efficiently leverage flash for Hadoop

  • Enterprise reliability with Cubic Raid™
  • Store just 1 copy of data regardless of replication factor
  • Use entire flash capacity for data

“Cloudera has tested the DSSD D5 appliance in our lab, we’ve seen an order of magnitude increase in performance. It’s the fastest HBASE cluster we’ve ever tested.”

Mike Olsen, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera

Video: Mike Olsen on DSSD’s revolutionary Cloudera performance

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Explore how to DSSD rack-scale server flash accelerates big data analytics, modernizes the Hadoop architecture, and helps organizations achieve better business results with deeper insights.

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Solution Brief: DSSD and Cloudera evolve Hadoop

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Mike Olsen on DSSD’s revolutionary Cloudera performance

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