• All-Flash and Hybrid Data Storage Solution

    All-Flash and Hybrid Data Storage

    All-flash and Hybrid Storage Arrays for Your Workloads

    Explore the Dell EMC all-flash and hybrid storage portfolio, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. Advanced architectures and industry-leading software features help you deliver higher performance, lower TCO and better business outcomes.

  • All-flash or hybrid storage?

    • All-flash storage, also known as an all-flash storage array (AFA), is a storage architecture designed to take advantage of solid-state memory technology. Benefits can include low latency, higher IOPS, greater storage density and reduced power consumption.

    • Hybrid storage, also known as hybrid flash, combines flash with hard-disk drive (HDD) media in the same array to blend performance and lower-cost capacity.

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    Find Dell EMC all-flash and hybrid storage to fit your workloads, deliver for mission-critical applications and modernize your data center.

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    All-Flash storage with end-to-end NVMe, built-in machine learning, and proven data services for mission critical workloads.
    Mixed workload consolidation, traditional and modern applications and databases.
    Block, file, open systems IBM i, mainframe
    • Future-proof, end-to-end NVMe
    • Best in class performance of up to 10M IOPS1
    • Mission-critical availability - 99.9999% uptime
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    All-flash storage with extreme performance and inline data reduction.
    Enterprise applications including virtual and database environments, integrated copy data management.
    • Consistent low latency performance
    • Application-integrated no-impact copy services
    • Unmatched data efficiency services
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    Dell EMC Unity

    Simple, unified all-flash and hybrid storage with hybrid cloud.
    SAN, NAS, mixed workloads, storage and server consolidation, enterprise applications.
    Block and file
    • Simple manageability
    • Extreme flash density
    • Hybrid and public cloud data tiering
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    SC Series

    Affordable and efficient all-flash and hybrid storage provides lowest $/Gb 2.
    General-purpose SAN and NAS workload consolidation, VDI, high-volume OLTP.
    Block and file 3
    • Flexible self-optimizing architecture
    • Federated design for performance and management
    • Auto-failover for business continuity
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    Industry’s #1 scale-out Network-attached storage (NAS) solution for any file workload.
    General purpose file workloads, High-Performance Computing (HPC), media & entertainment, active and deep archiving.
    • Industry-leading performance and scale
    • Simple to manage at any data footprint
    • All-Flash, hybrid, archive models
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    VMAX All Flash

    All-flash storage known for reliability, scalability, and consolidation of mission-critical workloads.
    Mixed workload consolidation.
    Block, file, open systems, mainframe, IBM i
    • Mission-critical availability – 99.9999% uptime
    • Rich enterprise data services
    • Hyper scale and consolidation
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  • All-flash and hybrid storage resources