RSA Virtualization And Private Cloud Security Services

      • The inherent value of virtualization, combined with economic pressures and the resulting impact on resources and budget, is accelerating many companies’ plans to virtualize their environments.

        EMC is a leader and visionary in how companies migrate from physical to virtual services and how the cloud will change the fundamental premise and business model for information services.

        We can help your company to accelerate virtualization and your journey to the cloud by identifying new opportunities, while mitigating security concerns that arise from virtualization technologies.

        Leveraging RSA's security expertise and EMC's leadership in virtualization and cloud enables you to obtain broad-based security assessments for virtualized environments and new services. This allows you to secure virtual desktop infrastructures and use RSA best practices and established safeguards to build secure, virtualized, and private cloud environments through technology, policy, and program development.

        RSA Virtualization and Private Cloud Security Services include:

        • Security Assessment for Virtualized Environments – Gain an understanding of the security posture of your virtualized infrastructure and establish optimum plans to achieve policy or compliance objectives—without compromising the value of virtualization technology.

        • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Security – Mine the advantages of virtualization at the end point to significantly reduce capital expenses and operational costs and increase the security of critical data at the desktop.

        • Authentication, Data Protection, and Security Event Management – Accelerate the return on your technology investment while maintaining appropriate security controls and posture. Leverage RSA services that span every aspect of design, implementation, optimization, and lifecycle with RSA SecurID, RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and RSA enVision, along with our virtualization technologies
      • Be Breach-Ready with Advanced Cyber Defense

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