RSA Custom Application Development Services

      • Designed with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box capabilities, RSA products and solutions have integration points with many third-party applications. You can get diverse integration agents directly from RSA or from one of our technology partners to gain interoperability with web servers, application servers, data stores, portals, content management systems (CMSs), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPNs), wireless local area networks (WLANs), or enterprise applications.


        Tailored Solution


        When your business or technical infrastructure requires additional functionality, the RSA Custom Application Development team provides specialized assistance. Whether you’re integrating with a third-party or proprietary system or seeking to extend your solution to meet a specific business opportunity, RSA Professional Services works with you to create a seamless security environment.


        Custom Applications


        RSA security consultants can add a wide variety of new capabilities to your security solution, using the RSA product suite’s comprehensive set of application programming interfaces (APIs). Our development team can add functionality for managing users, resources, and entitlements; adding new authentication and authorization methods; integrating our technology with your existing user data repositories; and developing other system capabilities such as extended logging. In addition, using award-winning RSA BSAFE toolkits, RSA Professional Services can create new security solutions tailored to meet your evolving business needs.

        Our organization has extensive experience in the implementation of database encryption, digital rights management, and policy-based encryption—and in integrating these technologies with customer applications to create robust, custom security solutions. We're also experts at porting our solutions to a wide range of customer environments—from mainframe COBOL environments to highly constrained embedded devices like digital signal processors (DSPs) and mobile devices.

        This custom functionality can play a critical role in extending your security solution, allowing it to integrate successfully with other infrastructure systems. You can also use our customization services to increase productivity by adding automation capabilities to your solution that will enable your organization to capitalize on new business opportunities. RSA Professional Services can assist in adding RSA product support to third-party or proprietary applications—either as a custom development effort or by providing your development team with expert consulting—facilitating the customization of those applications on an as-needed basis.


        Packaged Custom Applications


        Customers with unique IT environments or specific industry requirements such as compliance-related issues can benefit from RSA's packaged custom applications. Targeted to satisfy real-world customer needs, our packaged offerings range from RSA product agents designed for specialized operating systems to administrative utilities that support upgrading and data-migration tasks. These highly specialized, packaged, custom applications—which provide valuable, practical product usability and functionality enhancements—are available for immediate shipment.


        Custom RSA BSAFE Porting


        For technology providers and customers who want to enable their proprietary operating systems or hardware with industry-leading security capabilities, RSA Professional Services maintains a team of expert engineers who can quickly and cost-effectively optimize RSA BSAFE developer toolkits. This enables customers to maximize RSA capability performance for their own products.


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