• Asset Recovery Services

    • The best value for your business and the planet

      Dealing with IT equipment that’s no longer needed can keep you up at night. Not only do you have to wrestle with complicated logistics, but the risks associated with data security and environmental liability seem to increase by the day. Dell helps securely and responsibly retire your old assets while protecting both your business and the planet. And if you do it when assets are at their maximum value, you'll transition to what's next with more money in your pocket.

    • Benefits of Asset Recovery Services

      • Secure your sensitive and important data
      • Reduce e-waste and realize your sustainability goals
      • Reinvest value from aging equipment to grow your business
      • Gain control and insight through our centralized online portal
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      Convenient control and insight

      Our centralized online portal makes it easy to stay in control of your assets from anywhere. Schedule services, track your assets, monitor progress and manage payments. See what you want, how you want, with on-demand reporting.

    • Safety and security first

      Our number one priority is keeping your data and the environment safe. Rest easy knowing that our standardized procedures, formalized checkpoints and meticulous documentation protect your sensitive information from the first collection point until the time it’s destroyed.

      • We sanitize all devices in alignment with the NIST SP 800-88r1 standard. If devices cannot be fully sanitized, we destroy the drives to prevent data recovery
      • We vigorously vet, audit, and hold our partners accountable to the highest standards of data security and environmental compliance
      • We promise to prioritize reusing and recycling your devices to make sure as much material as possible is diverted from landfills
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      Make an impact

      Leverage the power of the circular economy, extend the useful life of your technology and build a return strategy you can be proud of. Together, we can support your sustainability goals and take a big step toward a smaller footprint.