• “I think that there is something really qualitatively new about mobile dating apps and particularly about the way in which they make it possible to be looking for love all the time.”

    Moira Weigel,Writer & Author, Labor of Love

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • The questionnaire that started the dating digital disruption cycle
      • The quickest way to the heart really is through the stomach
      • 17th Century love connections really are timeless
      • Is it really economically better if we never pair off at all?
      • Computers can crunch the data, but matchmaking stays human
      • The Harvard introverts who changed the dating game
      • How Match.com killed off the 900 number
      • Inclusivity – spurned some dating site investors ... but not all
      • The app: Dating’s digital soulmate
      • Do women really spend 10-15 hours online each week to score a date?
      • The painlessness of not knowing when you’ve been rejected
      • It’s the app you fall in love with more than anything
      • Maybe we’re really all just trying to score a dopamine hit

  • Guest list


      Moira Weigel

      Is a junior fellow at Harvard University and the author of Labour of Love: The Invention of Dating. She is a co-founder of Logic - a magazine about technology. 


      Marie Hicks

      Is an assistant professor of history technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research focuses on how gender and sexuality bring hidden technological dynamics to light. 


      Douglas Ginsburg

      Is a Senior United States circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals. In the mid-1960s he helped found one of the first nationwide computer dating services, Operation Match.


      Gary Kremen

      Is an engineer, entrepreneur and founder of several companies, including the online dating site Match.com.

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