• “I think a lot of stuff in the smart home world are, essentially, devices looking for ... They're essentially solutions looking for a problem.”

    Mike Kuniavsky, User Experience Design Group, Palo Alto Research Centre

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • The fowl origins of the thermostat
      • Push Button Manor: The 1950s home of the future
      • The first home computer comes a’ caroling
      • In many ways, we’re all still trying to be the Jetsons
      • Broadband’s big break
      • Smartphones made smart homes possible
      • The biggest challenge facing connected home technology
      • What do you call a solution that’s looking for a problem?
      • Voice-activated smart speakers are fun … but are they useful?
      • The irony of automation needing to be more human

  • Guest list


      Jim Sutherland

      Was a Westinghouse Corporation engineer when he built the first smart home computer, the Electronic Computing Home Operator (ECHO IV) to automate storing recipes, controlling home temperature and household inventory in 1966. 


      Mike Kuniavsky

      Is a twenty-year veteran of digital product development. He is also the author of Smart Things: Ubiquitous Computing User Experience Design.


      Richard Harper

      Is a computer scientist, concerned with how new technologies shape us and how we in turn technologies. He co-directs the Institute of Social Futures at the University of Lancaster.


      Blake Kozak

      Is a Principal Analyst for the Security Technology Group at IHS. Blake is responsible for research across the smart home.


      Colin Chong

      Is head of AppDevices at AppDirect, which provides app management, monetization and cloud service solutions for IoT, connected vehicles and smart devices.

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