• “Transportation is going to be a really, really important industry. It's one of the only trillion dollar industries that is still in need of disruption.” 


  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • The unlikely underground origins of mapping
      • How the Cold War Space Race laid the groundwork for GPS
      • Radar’s uncanny ability to turn sound into sight
      • A naval general’s belief leading to weapon delivery disruption in Vietnam
      • The future founder of Atari’s contribution to GPS technology
      • Dead Reckoning: Not an old Western film, but a positioning system
      • How we synced positioning with road maps
      • Cassettes, a Kleenex box-sized processor, a mounted display – ahead of their time by nearly two decades
      • Etak’s game-changing contribution to the trucking industry
      • How GPS created the yellow first-down line you see in American Football broadcasts
      • The tragedy that caused GPS to be declassified from the military
      • A satellite-based navigation system without enough satellites
      • How the Gulf War put the civilian GPS market on hold, but grew the industry
      • Magellan in the Smithsonian
      • The way we ended the military’s scrambling of navigation signals
      • Standalone GPS systems as the gold standard – for a time
      • How Google made accurate real-time navigation free for everyone
      • Crowdsourced mapping, created by people’s everyday driving habits
      • Google’s fateful $1B purchase
      • Waze and Google’s unique tag-team foray into advertising and e-Commerce
  • Guest list


      Dr. Bradford Parkinson

      Is an emeritus professor at Stanford University and a retired United States Air Force Colonel best known as the father of the Global Positioning System after leading the NAVSTAR GPS development program.


      Stan Honey

      Navigator, Engineer, Co-founder of Etak, and Sportsvision.


      Randy Hoffman

      Is the former President and CEO of Magellan GPS. He is now a full-time lecturer in the accounting department at the University of California, Fullerton.


      Corinne Vigreux

      Is the co-founder of TomTom and Managing Director of its consumer business. She is an entrepreneur passionate about technology, design and innovation.


      Di-Ann Eisnor

      Is the Director of Growth at Waze. Prior to Waze, Di-Ann was Co-Founder and CEO of Platial, a widely adopted mobile and online social mapping service funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Ram Shriram and others.

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