• “If something doesn't work there's no penalty and that's also not normal, perhaps specifically in the old school newspaper world, where if you experiment and it doesn't work, someone's in trouble.”

    Jed Hartman, Chief Revenue Officer, The Washington Post

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • How to turn a technological threat into a tool 
      • The Civil War changed the way—and the speed at which—we report news 
      • Why literacy skyrocketed in between Reconstruction and World War II 
      • Television: The game-changer, but not the game-ender 
      • The 1970s: The Golden Age of Newspapers 
      • The downside of efficiency
      • A guy who created an email list that would grow up to kill newspapers 
      • The reason classified ad revenue dropped 70% in four years 
      • Why designing for mobile matters 
      • Mr. Bezos goes to Washington 
      • Finally, a healthy marriage of technology and journalism 
      • “Content is king, distribution is queen.” 
  • Guest list


      Jay Rosen 

      Teaches journalism at NYU and writes the blog PressThink. Rosen is a former member of the Wikipedia Advisory Board.


      Emily Bell

      Is the Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University and a leading thinker, commentator and strategist on digital journalism.


      Ira Basen

      Is a long-time CBC Radio Producer, writer and teacher.


      Jed Hartman

      Is the Chief Revenue Officer at The Washington Post.


      Jarrod Dicker

      Is the Vice President of Commercial Product & Innovation at The Washington Post.


      Marty Baron

      Is the pulitzer prize winning Executive Editor of the Washington Post, and previous editor of The Boston Globe.

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