• Did the ball cross the line?

    Soccer fans hate waiting on instant replay to see if a goal is good or not. And, they hate a bad call. Who wouldn’t? GoalControl has used technology to solve the problem of the good goal for the world’s most popular sport. Get the inside scoop on how GoalControl, with help from Dell, implemented AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning into football (or soccer). CEO Daniel Marchwinski explains how they take 100 terabytes of data from seven cameras at each goal to calculate within a second whether the ball crossed the goal line.

  • Who Will Win?

    Daniel Marchwinski, CEO of GoalControl, gets candid around what the future holds for the company and shares his prediction for the World Cup.

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      Like in deciding a soccer match, technology is turning up in all sorts of surprising places. It’s technology with a twist!


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