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      01: Ready, Set, Transform... Your IT

      Duration: 34:11

      The level of IT transformation a company has achieved has an immediate and tangible impact on business growth, competitive differentiation and ability to innovate. How much? Leading IT industry analysts did the research and have surprising answers.


      02: Store Your IT Data... in DNA?

      Duration: 28:20

      Disruptions in enterprise storage, or any other technology, don’t just happen out of the blue. Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr, in conversation with Dell EMC CTO, John Roese, reveal the many dependencies and carefully planned processes necessary to allow a technology company to uncover and, in some cases, predict disruptive technologies. How did Flash memory end up in the enterprise when it was never meant to be? Listen to the story.

    The hosts of Luminaries

    Adept at investigating the core of a story and finding the human pulse of innovation, hosts Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr will inform and entertain you with expertise, wit and, yes, humor. In each episode, Mark and Douglas explore many facets of their guests' visions for the future of technology as well as their personal motivation to drive human progress with technology.