Most recent Recent Perspectives

1.2 — Photography: Developing Disruption

Duration 29:18

In this episode about photography, host Walter Isaacson explores how the disruptors can become the disrupted – and vice versa.

Embracing Digital Transformation Without Leaving Legacy Customers Behind

March 16, 2017

Digital transformation can come with an unexpected hurdle: customers hesitant to embrace change. How do businesses move forward without leaving them behind?

1.1 — Movies: Lights… Camera… Disruption

Duration 33:21

How the movie Jaws and a $40 late fee led to a complete disruption of the entertainment industry as we know it.

The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships

February 3, 2017

Learn how productivity will reach new heights and new industries will be created, thanks to the new dynamic between humans and machines.

A Divided Vision of the Future

February 3, 2017

Discover why 3,800 global business leaders have a divided vision of the future but common ground on the need to transform and how.