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These Toys are Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in STEM Fields

In response to research on the impact of gender stereotypes in youth, there has been a movement for toy manufacturers to develop digital and physical items that inspire girls to love science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

1.17 — Package Delivery: Knock, Knock!

An overnight success What an incredible time to be alive – you can purchase something with one-click, and have it …

Future-Proofing: Becoming Shockproof with Resiliency

By Ari Lightman, Carnegie Mellon University
At any moment, any company can take a hit that might impede its ability to produce and sell its goods or services, in other words, it might be disrupted. When this happens, the company’s resiliency is put to the test.

Artificial Intelligence, According to These 5 Experts

We hear from the experts who take a deeper look at the emerging technology that is increasingly creeping into our lives.

How Technology Is Scaling Mentorship in a Post-Tinder World

Similar to how dating apps are widening people’s social circles, mentorship technology enables employees to widen their professional circles.

How Voice-Activated Assistants Are Redefining Traditional Health Care

Early adopters in the healthcare community are seeing signs that voice-activated assistants are causing a major shift in patient engagement.