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Labels Before Drones: The Painstaking Machine Learning Process Behind Stopping Poachers

AirShepherd and University of Southern California doctoral student Elizabeth Bondi is helping wildlife rangers stop poaching. But her team is faced with a challenge common in the data science and machine learning space: accurate labeling.

Racing Toward Deeper Health

Real-time data insight isn’t just fueling race car performance—it’s pushing the boundaries of modern medicine.

Digging Up the Dirt With Mapping of Underground Chicago

When construction excavation goes deep on the University of Illinois Chicago campus, a team of data scientists, mapmakers, and engineers show up to look into the hole so regularly that they have their own hardhats and safety gear.

Episode 30: Keeping Eyes Healthy and Saving Vision…with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is coming to the healthcare industry, and with it the promise of more accurate imaging interpretation, earlier detection of disease, and ultimately improved prognoses. This episode focuses on the amazing progress being made in training algorithms to detect vision and neurological disorders. Voxeleron Principal Scientists, Jonathan Oakley and Daniel Russakoff, provide an eye-opening look at how the technology is developing.

3.12 – Animation: Just Like We Drew It Up

Walter Isaacson traces of evolution of animation from analog to digital.

How Data-Driven Therapy Is Changing Mental Health Treatment

Text therapy and virtual clinicians are becoming more prevalent, delivering treatment in new, easier-to-access ways.