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4.10 — Spying: Hiding in Plain Sight

Host Walter Isaacson and guests discuss some of the highest-profile, highest-tech spy stories of the Cold War and beyond.

Sound Waves to Fight Wildfires: How Does it Work?

Across the globe, deadly wildfires from California to Australia are creating new risks for both humans and the planet. Amid the growing devastation, technology offers a promising solution once deemed impossible: Extinguishing wildfires with sound waves.

1.5 — DevOps with Nicole Reineke and Hanna Yehuda

It’s never been easier to implement DevOps. Learn more about some of the research behind DevOps adoption and the ways it can benefit you.

Big Data & Tracking Technology for Hockey Growth

With 5G, IoT and virtual reality, the National Hockey League is leveraging puck tracking and unmatched data insights to create as many opportunities as possible for fans to consume, watch and engage with the game of ice hockey.

How HR Teams Use Data Management to Boost Retention

New and more powerful data systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced computing have enabled companies to take “people analytics” to the next level to combat the job-hopping phenomenon, offer employees flexible and personalized rewards, and more.

4 Women in Tech Driving Game-Changing Innovations

Celebrating women making waves in STEM is one way to move the needle toward a more equitable future—and inspire younger generations. Here are four women and their stories about working at game-changing companies.