As Need Grows, Nonprofits Leverage Technology to Press Forward

Innovative digital technologies are helping nonprofit organizations better run their businesses while maximizing social good.

Why Videoconferencing Fatigue Is Real—and How to Stop It

Understanding how and why video conferencing overwhelms our brains and triggers fatigue may help people improve its negative effects.

Mixed Reality: A Portal to the Planet’s Spectacular Sights

Waddle with penguins in Antarctica. Dive with sharks. While travel is restricted, AR and VR can transport you on adventures around the world.

Digital Doctors Provide a Shot in the Arm for Telemedicine

While no catch-all medical solution currently exists, telemedicine is expected to be one of the pandemic’s enduring legacies, nudging doctors, health services, and governments to be more thoughtful about offering face-to-face consultations.

3D Printer, 3D Printer, Print Me a Face Shield

Manufacturers and hobbyists are using 3D printing to address the personal protective equipment shortage faced by frontline workers.

How Road-as-a-Service Could Transform Urban Mobility

Technology is allowing for the collaboration between connected vehicles and advanced infrastructure, which will create much more efficient and safer roads for all.

Meet the Robots Working Side-by-Side Essential Healthcare Workers

Robots may end up one of the unlikely heroes of the effort to contain the coronavirus as they reinforce the ranks of essential workers to deliver medications, provide entertainment, disinfect hospitals and schools, and much more.

How Technology Is Helping Maintain Mental Wellness

From comedians to yoga instructors, to artists and personal trainers, everyone is using technology creatively to help people “disconnect” and help fill the void left by social distancing.

Tech Talk: Natural Language Processing to Dominate the Digital Conversation

Natural language processing (NLP) has been transformed by the use of neural networks and deep learning, so that it’s now possible to build automated systems that can interact with people more naturally than ever before. Forward-looking businesses have gotten the message and are incorporating NLP into both customer-facing and internal operations.

How Technology is Helping the Construction Industry Face a Shrinking Workforce

Heavy-duty computing resources are helping one construction company implement technologies that deliver efficiencies every step of the process—from worker training to design approval—to combat a labor shortage and do more with less.

Live Digital Events to Celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

Like many conservation and environmental organizations, Earth Day Network and the Seattle Aquarium are pivoting to technology to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with interactive activities, livestreamed events and more.

The Emerging Technologies Driving Long-Term Progress

While social distancing, thorough hand washing, and the heroic efforts of medical professionals are all key to ending the pandemic, many believe technology has a role to play, as well—and may ultimately drive long-term recovery.