Cyber Threats Rise at Home: An Interview With Tom Kellermann

A top cyber security leader speaks frankly about the risks of working from home, the importance of the cloud in securing home critical infrastructure, and how his job as a nightclub bouncer prepared him for a career as a go-to cyber risk specialist.

IT Security Specialists Weigh in on the Cyber Strategies of Working at Home

How might employees working from home offices, kitchens, and dining rooms inadvertently expose the corporate IT network and systems to a cyberattack? Here are some tips for teleworkers to ensure a secure and productive work environment at home.

How Executives Are Keeping Up Employee Morale

To help employees stay connected, focused and healthy, leaders are using new strategies like over-communication, virtual yoga sessions and Open Mic Thursdays.

Brave New Classroom With the Latest Education Technology

Educators, parents and students are adapting in the wake of recent school closures. Kindergartners are chatting with their classmates via video conferences. Middle schoolers are embarking on virtual fields. Here’s what the “edtech” epoch looks like and where there’s room for improvement moving forward.

Remote Work is Transforming Organizational Culture

When working from home abruptly became the new normal in March, leaders needed to look for ways to operate remotely while addressing organizational culture, cultivating camaraderie and encouraging productivity. And it’s happening.

How Tech Conferences Have Moved to Virtual Conferencing

Although many tech companies have transitioned their annual conferences to online-only virtual events, much of the entertainment value remains, along with captivating keynote speakers, spot-on executive presentations, and hands-on learning sessions.

How HR Teams Use Data Management to Boost Retention

New and more powerful data systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced computing have enabled companies to take “people analytics” to the next level to combat the job-hopping phenomenon, offer employees flexible and personalized rewards, and more.

4 Women in Tech Driving Game-Changing Innovations

Celebrating women making waves in STEM is one way to move the needle toward a more equitable future—and inspire younger generations. Here are four women and their stories about working at game-changing companies.

Why Mindfulness Is Important To Organizational Culture

Game rooms, onsite massage, unlimited vacation, endless snacks to name a few. Companies have tried all sorts of ways to keep employees happy and productive. But it turns out there’s a more impactful way to reduce stress in the workplace: mindfulness. By observing and accepting thoughts, sensations and feelings, employees are able to be more aware of the situation at hand and have higher levels of emotional intelligence.

Women in Tech: Our Impact on Technology

While much progress has been made, there’s still a long way to go to achieve gender parity in the technology sector. Today, women hold between 17-30% of tech-focused roles at eight of the world’s largest tech companies. Here’s a snapshot of the history of women in tech, a global view of women in the tech workforce, a breakdown of roles and much more.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

From Steel City to Smart City: How Pittsburgh is Implementing a Bold Transit Plan

As Pittsburgh works toward smart city status, its bold technology plans aim to improve transportation, increase residential safety, enhance mobility, address climate change and more.

6 ‘Stepping Stones’ for Women in Tech—and Assessing the Path Forward

Despite progress, women are still underrepresented in the technology sector. We spoke to three female leaders in tech who provided insights into their career success and advice for future generations of girls, including reframing challenges as opportunities, taking steps to avoid burnout, and embracing self-advocacy.