2020 Keynotes and Gurus

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    • Highlights from 2020


      The digital future is now

      Overnight the world changed and to meet our evolving reality, the pace of innovation accelerated. This is our collective opportunity to unite, elevate and advance our industries and our world. We all play a critical role in delivering the promise of digital transformation to solve our greatest challenges and create a bright future. Join Michael Dell and special guests to explore how technology and digital transformation can lead the way to economic recovery and human progress.


      Michael Dell

      Chairman & CEO, Dell Technologies


      Tami Erwin

      CEO, Verizon Business


      Technology accelerating transformation and opportunity

      The fourth industrial revolution will enable breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology that create new innovations and opportunities across industries. To do that, organizations must unlock the power of data and embrace digital transformation. Hear from COO and Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke and customers about the emerging technologies shaping business continuity and the future of technology.


      Jeff Clarke

      Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman, Dell Technologies


      Robert B. Carter

      Executive Vice President, Information Services & Chief Information Officer, FedEx Corporation


      Accelerating our digital future

      Technology innovation is accelerating but what does this acceleration look like over the long-term, how do new emerging technologies work together and what will they enable? Join John Roese, Dell Technologies CTO, as he helps you explore the digital future and the endless possibilities a digital transformation strategy can unlock for your organization, no matter what challenges you encounter next.


      John Roese

      Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies


      The power of partnering

      The current business climate demands agility and flexibility, and the businesses that can rapidly evolve and adapt to major changes in the markets, customer behaviors and new technologies have a competitive advantage. Dell Technologies and its vast ecosystem of Global Alliances, Solution Providers, OEM and Design Solutions partners deliver transformative solutions and services that span all industries — healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail, safety/security. Hear how our differentiated technology solutions and program offerings empower our partner community to help accelerate and grow our customer businesses.


      Bill Scannell

      President, Global Sales & Customer Operations, Dell Technologies


      Cheryl Cook

      Senior Vice President, Global Partner Marketing, Dell Technologies


      Rola Dagher

      Global Channel Chief, Dell Technologies


      Denise Millard

      Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, Dell Technologies

    • 2020 Guru sessions


      TED Salon: Defining the future

    • Photo: Ryan Lash / TED

      • 6 big ethical questions about the future of AI

        Artificial intelligence is all around us, and the future will only bring more of it. How can we ensure the AI systems we build are responsible, safe and sustainable? Ethical AI expert Genevieve Bell shares six framing questions to broaden our understanding of future technology — and create the next generation of critical thinkers and doers.


        Genevieve Bell

        Director of the 3A Institute, and Senior Fellow at Intel

      • A celebration of the history of the Internet in art and sound

        Multimedia musician Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky takes us on a journey through the history of the Internet. Mixing and mashing patterns in data and music, he presents an audio-visual experience called "Quantopia" – a portrait of the Internet in sound.


        Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

        Composer, multimedia artist, writer

      • Climate change is becoming a problem you can taste

        Our food systems have not been designed to adapt to major disruptions like climate change, says Environmental Journalist Amanda Little. In this eye-opening talk, she shows how the climate crisis could devastate our food supply — and introduces us to the farmers, entrepreneurs and engineers who are radically rethinking what we grow and how we eat, combining traditional agriculture with state-of-the-art technology to create a robust, resilient and sustainable food future.


        Amanda Little

        Author, Journalist, Professor

      • How bad data keeps us from good AI

        The future economy won't be built by people and factories, but by algorithms and artificial intelligence, says data scientist Mainak Mazumdar. But what happens when these algorithms get trained on biased data? Drawing on examples from Shanghai to New York City, Mazumdar shows how less-than-quality data leads to AI that makes wrong decisions and predictions – and reveals three infrastructural resets needed to make ethical AI possible.


        Mainak Mazumdar

        Chief Data and Research Officer, Nielsen


      Redefining possible: How technology is pushing the boundaries of what's next

      If there is one thing 2020 has taught us is that our world is unpredictable. What if we could challenge what’s expected and define our new realities? Hear four inspiring stories of how people are using technology to create new opportunities for society and redefining what was thought possible. Because we may not know what’s in store but we should always be open to the possibilities.


      Charles Lim

      Chief Technology Officer, eSight


      Jasmine Crowe

      Founder, Goodr


      Jenna Blaha

      Technology Editor and Consultant


      Beatie Wolfe

      Pioneering musician and artist


      Lauren Ancel Meyers

      Cooley Centennial Professor of Integrative Biology and Statistics & Data Sciences, Director of the COVID-19 Modeling Consortium, The University of Texas