• Under Montana law, public procurement units, as defined in 18-4-401, MCA, have the option of cooperatively purchasing with the Participating State/Entity.  Public procurement units are defined as local or state public procurement units of this or any other state, including an agency of the United State, or a tribal procurement unit. 

      All products and services offered under the EMC Master Price Agreement number MNWNC-109 may be purchased. All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include the State of Montana Participating State contract number MNWNC-109; and the EMC WSCA/NASPO Master Price Agreement number MNWNC-109.  Limits are set at $500,000/per configuration.  Leasing is not allowed on this contract.  This PA is coterminous with the Master Agreement and the term has been extended to March 31, 2020 with Amendment 1 to the Master. Please see the Montana NASPO ValuePoint MNWNC-109 Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services Participating Addendum for complete details.

      For contract questions contact:

    • Please contact your sales person for invoicing, billing, order tracking, and delivery questions: