• The State of California  has authorized all State Departments and California political subdivisions/local governments to purchase all products and services offered under the EMC Master Price Agreement number AR620. A subdivision/local government is defined as any city, county, city and county, district, or other local governmental body or corporation, including the Calfiornia State Universities (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems, K-12 schools and community colleges empowered to expend public funds.  State Departments cannot purchase product and service catagories that are available on mandatory California statewide contracts for information technology (IT) hardware from this Participating Addendum without first obtaining an exemption from DGS.  The term of this contract expires on May 31, 2019.  All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include the State of California Participating State contract number 7-14-70-14; and the EMC WSCA/NASPO Master Price Agreement number AR620.

    • Please contact your sales person for invoicing, billing, order tracking, and delivery questions: