• Protect rapidly growing, complex, and diverse data sets with the speed, scale, and flexibility provided by Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions for Big Data.


    Protect Massive Volumes of Data

    Flexibility and scale to keep pace with explosive data growth.


    Protect a Wide Variety of Data Sources

    Optimized to manage and protect data from disparate sources, across multiple protocols and in data lakes all on a single platform.


    Protect Data Growing at High Velocities

    Industry-leading performance ensures data is protected quickly and efficiently.

  • The Business Challenge

    In today’s digital era, data sources can be found both inside the enterprise and outside on the Internet. They are being analyzed and shared across the organization, in the cloud, and on mobile technologies. They are growing rapidly, massively, and are increasingly varied and complex.

    Cutting-edge organizations understand the business significance of Big Data as well as the challenges it presents. They are tasked with not only learning how to unlock the value of all this data but also ensuring their data is protected and always available.

    Watertight Protection for Big Data

    Today, data analysts typically work in isolation on specific data sets. This can lead to the creation of disparate silos of data across the organization and a phenomenon called “small data sprawl.” Both can result in unnecessary cost and complexity as well as limit the insights that can be drawn and shared from Big Data volumes throughout the enterprise. EMC can help organizations take control of their data volumes through the creation of a data lake.

    A data lake provides a shared platform for analytics and data-driven applications. It lets organizations build solutions for IT operations and security as well as for business analytics and, importantly, it can improve data protection through the provision of protection services, or levels, matched to data types, locations, and value.

    Always Protected, Always Available, Always Recoverable

    Data protection is a core component of any data lake. Insufficient data protection can have costly consequences, keeping your organization from tackling new Big Data projects and reaching new markets. Data protection levels are applied to the data lake according to data value and business objectives. This ensures data is always protected, always available and always recoverable.

    We’ve got your Big Data protected:

    • Whatever it is
    • Wherever it is
    • Whatever happens


  • Products

    • EMC Data Domain
      Consolidate backup, archive, and disaster recovery with high-speed deduplication.

    • EMC Data Protection Suite
      Simplify the purchase and implementation of backup and archive software.




    • EMC Data Lake
      One single system to capture, store, analyze, protect and manage your data.