• Drive business agility through an environment in which end users can quickly provision new protection strategies with Data Protection Solutions for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. IT operational actions such as tuning data protection frequency or increasing capacity are just a click away with a self-service portal.


    Virtual Environments

    Data Protection Solutions for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud are optimized for virtual environments, protecting data whether it’s residing on-premises, in the cloud, or in transit between locations.


    Service Levels

    Leverage a continuum of scalable and self-healing data protection platforms designed to meet recovery and compliance service-level agreements (SLAs) with an optimized infrastructure.


    Common, Self-Service Portal

    Gain cloud visibility and control with a distributed architecture supporting thousands of cross-environment tenants in a single view. Leverage automated data collection and monitoring with chargeback.



    Solution Description



    As more and more organizations seek to leverage the scalability, reduced cost, increased mobility, and accelerated deployment offered by the cloud, they face a new set of challenges.

    In this converged world of physical, virtual, and multicloud environments, data is extremely mobile. Whether born on-premises or in the cloud, it can live or move anywhere it’s needed, making access, visibility, and control a moving target for data protection service-level agreements (SLAs) and policies.

    Technology Solution

    A well-run hybrid cloud is a protected cloud. Data Protection Solutions for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud synthesize the strengths of private and public cloud, enabling enterprise IT to perform the central role of cloud services broker. IT gains the control and visibility it needs while business users are empowered to provision standardized protection services to meet their business needs.

    Data protection is a built-in core component of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud self-service portal. Based on a menu of policies and SLAs set by IT, user can select, monitor, and perform on-demand backups and restores.


    We’ve got your cloud data protected:

    • Wherever it is
    • Wherever it’s going
    • Whatever happens




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