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    Customer Story


    • Driving human progress by addressing global challenges

      Clients like NASA and leading life-sciences organizations know that Draper can break new ground in solving problems that impact millions. Using satellites to analyze atmospheric particles to inform better responses wildfires is typical for the scope and importance of Draper’s projects. The company uses technology to empower scientists and engineers. Aligned with that strategy, the CIO enables ongoing transformation in an important advisory role, and Dell Technologies is a key Draper partner.

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      Unleashing innovation to meet global challenges

      At Draper, the sky’s not the limit—it’s just one of many locations where exciting projects happen. The company is involved in returning people to the moon, speeding up life sciences research, enabling robots to function anywhere—and much else.

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      Customer: Draper
      Industry: Engineering
      Location: United States

      • Integrations

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        Devices to empower people
        Draper enables its 1,800 employees to be productive anywhere with the right computers and resources.

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        Evolving IT on HCI
        Hyperconverged infrastructure allows Draper to transition toward the cloud and simplify technology administration.

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      Taking a deep dive into Draper

      Meet a unique company that empowers talented people to achieve seemingly impossible, unheard-of breakthroughs in science and engineering.

    • We will build on our investments in Dell Technologies solutions as we chart our course to the cloud and anytime, anywhere workforce productivity.

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      Matching genius and digital resources

      Draper hires the most talented people it can find and provides them with the technology to be effective and collaborate anywhere in the world. Working at a high level of autonomy, Draper employees can rely on IT to enable their life-changing endeavors.

    • Fueling breakthroughs on a digital foundation

      Draper is always looking for what’s next in technology to support its high-impact projects and data-intense workloads. Draper has transformed its digital infrastructure with hyperconverged solutions to be cloud-ready, elastic and efficient.

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      Partners in changing the world

      Draper and Dell Technologies share an engineering background and audacious goals for bettering people’s lives. Draper’s vision and Dell Technologies’ solutions complement one another. By collaborating, they make transformational opportunities real.

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      Powering the return to the moon

      Draper plays a critical part in enabling people to get back to the moon and establish a permanent presence there, using readily available technology in highly innovative ways.

    • Providing employees with instant access to technology.

      Draper provides cutting-edge resources and training to attract researchers and engineers who perform innovation and create valuable intellectual property.

    • Draper modernizes IT to solve global challenges.

      Draper boosts innovation, cuts costs by 30 percent and increases IT staff productivity by 75 percent with an end-to-end solution from Dell Technologies.