• Documentum Mobile Solutions for Productivity, Collaboration, and better User Experience

    Documentum mobile apps enable workforce productivity on the go and provide real-time access to critical info. And they work with your existing Documentum solutions. With our Documentum expertise, industry knowledge, and rapid prototyping capabilities, we can help you mobilize your business processes quickly.

    Mobile trends include:

    Insurance and banking:
    Approve loans, approve insurance policies and capture info for insurance claims faster powered by real-time capture, upload, and data management capabilities.

    Energy and Engineering:
    Provide remote engineers with offline access to mission-critical data like operations manuals and asset repositories. Make real-time decisions based on interactive dashboards.

    Provide taxpayers with faster, streamlined mobile-enabled services and empower remote staff with offline access and mobile capture capabilities that reduce paper-based processes.

    Going beyond file sync & share solutions, we extend the intelligence and security of Documentum applications to mobile devices. Popular features include:

    • Offline access and bi-directional sync with Documentum applications
    • Real-time capture, enhancement, sketch & draw
    • Pre-associated meta data for mobile uploads and Documentum workflows
    • Interactive dashboards connected to Documentum business data

    Let us show how we have helped transform business processes with mobile solutions.


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