• Columbia Sportswear counts on Dell EMC VMAX All Flash storage to accelerate innovation and cut costs as it navigates a rapidly changing digital-business landscape. Three transformational benefits include:

    • 1

      More time to get ahead of the pack

      With the rate of change in the sportswear industry accelerating, Columbia is looking for opportunities to devote more resources to innovation. Consolidating its ERP, planning, and product applications from two arrays to a single VMAX All Flash gives engineers less hardware to manage — and more time for new initiatives.

    • 2

      A smaller footprint and lower costs

      Columbia saved more than engineer time with VMAX All Flash. The efficiency, performance and scalability of the Dell EMC storage array allowed Columbia to cut its footprint from 14 4-tiles down to 2 4-tiles for significant space, cooling and electricity savings.

    • 3

      A partnership for success

      Columbia and Dell EMC have worked together for years. Dell EMC understands Columbia’s business and technical requirements and can recommend solutions like VMAX All Flash to help Columbia explore and pursue new business opportunities.

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