• Many IT organizations must meet enterprise-class storage demands with limited budgets. To evaluate the Dell EMC SC Series, ESG labs tested the SC5020 across multiple criteria. The big wins include efficiency, affordability and performance:

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      Deliver enterprise-class performance

      Storage performance correlates to organizational performance. Revenue growth – as well as customer and user satisfaction – often tracks IT infrastructure performance, including storage.

      ESG results showed the SC5020 delivers enterprise-class performance at midrange storage prices. It supports up to 385,311 IOPS¹ with 219% better performance,² processing OLTP workloads 74% faster.³

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      Optimize data placement

      Deploying 0-100% flash, scaling as needed to meet changing capacity demands, gives IT the flexibility to target specific price/performance ratios.

      The ESG test showed SC5020 All-Flash moving infrequently accessed data from the highest-performing Tier 1 storage to Tier 3. While increasing SSD capacity, this also reduced storage media costs by 88%.⁴

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      Maximize value with integrated tools

      Return on investment is a key factor in purchasing decisions, so IT leaders always seek more value when combining new and existing assets.

      ESG confirmed the SC Series is fully integrated with legacy EMC tools, including PowerPath, ViPR and RecoverPoint. Installing the SC5020 can simplify IT while enhancing business value.

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