• Artificial intelligence (AI) drives business growth by delivering better customer experiences, increasing innovation and improving operational efficiencies. According to Forrester, the top 3 best practices for successful AI initiatives are:

    • 1

      Put CIOs in charge of the AI initiatives

      CIOs must take the lead and get ahead of the broad array of AI initiatives happening across the company. When IT leads AI initiatives, companies deploy 2x more AI building blocks, are 3x more likely to adopt machine learning platforms and are 2x as likely to adopt deep learning platforms.

    • 2

      Modernize servers to deliver AI at scale

      To successfully integrate AI initiatives, companies must transform their infrastructure. 71% of surveyed companies lack the server automation needed for their AI initiative. Modernizing infrastructure pays off – 51% of companies surveyed are expecting up to 5x the return on their AI investments.

    • 3

      Build AI capabilities with an AI center of excellence

      CIOs are optimally positioned to build the organization’s overall AI capabilities. 54% of surveyed companies plan to leverage AI to deliver superior customer experience – and the IT team is the best positioned to tackle the challenges of AI initiatives, at scale, for the entire enterprise.

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