• Modern business demands technology that supports unprecedented data growth and rapid analysis. Here are 5 reasons to deploy Microsoft® SQL on new servers instead of retrofitting software onto existing servers:

    • 1

      Upgrading existing servers is expensive and complex

      Replacing current software on existing servers is frequently time-consuming and frustrating. Plus, time spent completing the upgrade is time spent ignoring regular IT duties.

    • 2

      Accurately estimating capacity for existing servers is difficult

      Once a system is up and running, the initial sizing estimates to ensure necessary server capacity are often found to be off due to conflicting resource demands from other workloads. If the capacity gap is significant, your team has to start the whole installation over from scratch.

    • 3

      Management time and staff costs outweigh other savings

      The actual staff cost of hours spent on a retrofit project can quickly exceed the amount “saved” by not purchasing new servers. There are also opportunity costs to factor in when staff is diverted from other business priorities.

    • 4

      Testing on a new platform eliminates risk to current workloads

      Using new servers allows IT staff to confirm the new platform is fully functional with current workloads. Details like configuration, security, and other operational requirements are verified before putting the platform into production.

    • 5

      Pre-configured, verified systems make installation smoother

      Pre-configured, pre-tested proven reference architectures save substantial IT staff time and reduce installation hiccups. These offerings have known performance and capability levels, ensuring the organization maximizes its return on new hardware.

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