• IDC tested the new VMAX All Flash in mission-critical workload environments, and found significant improvements in speed, ease of use and reliability. Accelerate your IT Transformation with these key VMAX All Flash features:

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      Simplified provisioning of storage

      Lab analysis shows an over 90% reduction in storage provisioning times versus the previous VMAX2.¹ Through enhanced automation, VMAX All Flash makes storage provisioning faster, easier and more reliable.

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      Adaptive compression

      The highly efficient compression of VMAX All Flash works with absolutely all data services, enabling more flexibility in storage and lower storage costs. VMAX All Flash keeps latency well under 1 millisecond² and features a guaranteed 4:1 overall efficiency ratio.³

    • 3

      Point-in-time protection

      VMAX All Flash features a new, simple and intuitive Snapshot Creation Wizard (SnapVX). You can now leverage designs best suited for common high copy DM workflows, enabling immediate creation of single or multiple volume snapshots without consuming additional storage capacity.

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      Non-disruptive migration & SRDF

      The new NDM workflow requires 65% fewer steps than the previous version,⁴ eliminating the need to reference separately maintained spreadsheets. The Protect Storage Wizard makes SRDF Metro creation fast and easy, automating much of the process for improved speed and reliability.

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      Transparent recovery

      VMAX All Flash features transparent recovery from various hardware failures without data loss. Failed resources can be replaced without downtime while continuing to meet Diamond Service level requirements.

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  • Transform your mission-critical workloads with VMAX All Flash.

    The new Dell EMC VMAX All Flash portfolio provides numerous new features and functions that optimize performance. VMAX All Flash, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, brings even greater value to businesses looking to solve problems of scale and availability, making it a core part of any enterprise’s IT Transformation strategy.