Your guide to the Dell Storage Forum Boston keynotes

You know those conferences where the keynote is an opportunity to refresh your caffeine intake and check your email?  Dell Storage Forum, held in Boston this year on June 12th & 13th, is not one of those. 

We are so excited to share what is happening at Dell in the enterprise and in storage that we’ve lined up three visionary speakers for three separate keynotes during the customer conference, plus two additional speakers focused on the partner portion of the conference.

As you may know, the theme of this year’s DSF is “Fluid by Design.” All of these keynotes will describe how we are continuing to build out our Fluid Data Architecture, each from a unique perspective, from a broad view of our end-to-end enterprise strategy through to a detailed architectural level. 

So check it out – here’s the lineup:

Monday night, June 11th: Enterprise Keynote with Brad Anderson

We recently announced that Brad Anderson, President of Enterprise Solutions at Dell, will be providing our first customer keynote.  Brad will share his thoughts on our commitment to innovation and how it fuels our ability to provide end-to-end solutions throughout the datacenter.  For those of you who have never heard Brad speak, you can get a sense of his point of view in this interview around our recent enterprise launch. The perspective that Brad can provide across our enterprise solutions is unparalleled at Dell, and I’m particularly looking forward to his thoughts on how our design tenets balance being both innovative and practical to create solutions that power business potential.

Tuesday morning, June 12th: Storage Keynote with Darren Thomas

On Tuesday morning, Darren Thomas (VP & GM of Dell Storage) will kick off the day with his keynote.  His previous Dell Storage Forum keynotes in Orlando and in London have been comprehensive discussions of what Fluid Data Architecture actually means in practice and how we are delivering it. With a brisk pace of acquisitions (most recently AppAssure and intent-to-acqiure Sonicwall) and a comprehensive set of products launching regularly, Darren has led the instantiation of Fluid Data Architecture into practical solutions.  His keynote will include exciting new technology announcements as well as a vision for where we are headed in the future. 

Wednesday morning, June 13th: Architecture Keynote with Carter George

Wednesday morning will begin with Carter George’s keynote.  Carter is the Executive Director of Storage Strategy and his focus will be on the specific technologies that are powering the Fluid Data Architecture.  He and his team of architects will detail the technology that may be many of your minds on a daily basis – unified storage, data tiering, storage management, and deduplication & compression.  Carter’s keynote will talk about how we’re taking these concepts and technologies and applying them broadly to our product portfolio.

These keynotes are just piece of everything we have planned for Dell Storage Forum – there are also hands-on labs, instructor-led training, 8 parallel tracks of deep-dive technical sessions, and excellent peer networking opportunities to look forward to as well.   However, I know that hearing directly about strategy from our executives is a highlight for many attendees and this set of keynotes definitely won’t disappoint.

For our channel partners arriving for Monday’s program, our dedicated Partner Day will begin with a special keynote from Greg Davis and Cheryl Cook.

Monday morning, June 11th: Channel Keynote with Greg Davis & Cheryl Cook

At previous Dell Storage Forum events, Greg Davis, VP & GM of Global Commercial Channels, has been a very popular speaker covering the strength of Dell’s storage vision and the ways channel partners can leverage it help power their growth.  This year, joining Greg will be Cheryl Cook, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, and I’m looking forward to seeing her deliver her first Dell Storage Forum keynote.  Together, Greg and Cheryl will focus on how our partner programs continue to evolve, enhancing our joint efforts to succeed with Fluid Data Architecture in the market.

Whatever it is that encourages you to join us in June, I sincerely hope to see you at Dell Storage Forum Boston.  

(Psst: Already planning ahead for Dell Storage Forum in the fall?  Visit to see the recently-announced location!  Tres magnifique!)

About the Author: Sheryl Koenigsberg