You Can’t Count on Santa for Data Protection

The holidays and the New Year are right around the corner, which means your company is likely preparing for year-end processing of your mission critical applications.   Are you confident that your backup solution can meet the tight backup windows without negatively affecting your production systems?  Do you have the ability to analyze and report on your backup environment?  When was the last time you tested recoverability from your backups?  In a recent survey, 71% of the participants surveyed said they are not fully confident they can restore their systems/data.

Let us look at a couple of options for getting your VMWare data protection solution in order before year-end.

Santa Claus data protection

One option, you can add ‘safe and effective data protection’ to your holiday wish list.  However, I recommend you not count on Santa to deliver on time.  He is already frantic! Did you know that Santa must hit roughly 1,178 houses per second?

A better option is to follow in the footsteps of a financial service customer in the North East that replaced their overburdened backup software with Data Protection Suite for VMware.

This customer was running an aging Unitrend appliance for the backup and recovery of their applications.  The Unitrend solution did not scale to meet the demands of their growing VMware environment, and they were forced to dramatically change retention policies below acceptable levels.

Both Veeam and EMC positioned their respective software solutions combined with EMC Data Domain 2500.   The customer chose the newly announced EMC software solution, Data Protection Suite for VMware and EMC Data Domain 2500. EMC provides a holistic hardware/software data protection strategy that will scale as their VMware environments grow – and at a lower price point.  In addition, the total EMC solution provides a much more compelling deduplication rate – over 30x.
badsanta1Data Protection Suite for VMware provides the customer with more than just backup and recovery.  Features not offered by the competition include software replication for any point in time recovery, analysis and reporting, along with unified search and recovery.

EMC offers data protection for virtual and physical environments while delivering up to 99% reduction in backup storage utilization, up to 90% reduction in network traffic and 30x faster recovery than traditional backups.

Want to learn more? Contact an EMC partner and learn how you can improve the data protection of your VMware environments.

About the Author: Deanna Hoover