XtremIO 4.0 – The Beauty within ‘The Beast’

A couple of weeks ago at EMC World we announced XtremIO 4.0, a new operating system release with over 50 new features. Part of XtremIO 4.0 are new configurations that significantly step up the already amazing performance and scale of XtremIO arrays. We lovingly refer to these as “The Beast”.

'The Beast' - an XtremIO array that can deliver over 1PB of all-flash capacity and well over 1M sustained mixed workload IOPS
‘The Beast’ – an XtremIO array that can deliver over 1PB of all-flash capacity and well over 1M sustained mixed workload IOPS

But just like in the fairy tale, beyond the fearsome exterior of ‘The Beast’ is incredible Beauty in what XtremIO 4.0 enables within your data center and your applications. So, let’s get to know the Beauty within The Beast.

  • BEAST – millions of sub-millisecond IOPS and well over a Petabyte of all-flash capacity in a single rack.
  • Beauty – XtremIO starts small – as little as 3TB and scales online and non-disruptively to over a Petabyte in a single array. It’s not just for giant companies. A large percentage of XtremIO owners are small to mid-size companies realizing the benefits of the platform at smaller scale, with the ability to scale-out as their needs grow.
  • BEAST – Enough horsepower to run the most demanding applications and to consolidate entire data centers into a small footprint.
  • Beauty – XtremIO is incredibly easy to use. Provisioning storage takes about 15 seconds. There is no complex setup or tuning required because XtremIO’s architecture (a thing of beauty in and of itself) ensures the array is inherently balanced at all times, optimally delivering the best performance.

XtremIO customers rave about the array’s simplicity and ease-of-use. The Beauty? Reduced time spent on provisioning and troubleshooting and more time spent on value added IT.  XtremIO worked with TechValidate to survey existing XtremIO customers and this is what they said:




  • BEAST – All data services are inline, all-the time. Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, data-at-rest encryption – all happening on a per I/O basis without fail.
  • Beauty – Consistent and predictable performance. XtremIO arrays do not waver from batch processing, post-processing, internal re-balancing, or anything else that would cause application performance to suffer.
  • BEAST – XtremIO 4.0 introduces powerful replication designed to handle the extraordinarily high, millions of IOPS workloads seen on XtremIO arrays.
  • Beauty – XtremIO replication is simple to use, delivers 60 second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) even at incredibly high change rates, and allows for instant Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). No other replication solution on the market was conceived and built for the power of a modern all-flash array.

Watch a demo of XtremIO replication:

  • BEAST – XtremIO 4.0 adds many new Copy Data Management services to the array and increases the scalability of snapshots.
  • Beauty – This is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition for XtremIO beauty. We designed XtremIO to make it simple, fast, and space-efficient to make writable volume copies – with no impact to or loss of performance or features. Any application where multiple copies (e.g. development, test, analytics, reporting) of a production instance are required are totally transformed by XtremIO. In the past these copies were made through brute force methods (consuming time, performance, and space). In the past flash arrays were deemed too expensive to support these copies. With XtremIO, elegant engineering makes copy data management fluid, scalable, and automated – you can have more copies without consuming tons more space. The copies will be high performance so you can develop faster and test at scale. You can instantly refresh copies, revert to older versions, make new copies, or do anything else. And you can automate it all and coordinate it right through the application itself. XtremIO transforms entire application development workflows. It’s a tool for far more than just resolving performance problems for production applications. This is a game changing capability and is incredibly beautiful because the results are so dramatic. In fact, XtremIO’s capabilities in this area are simply not possible on any other storage platform. IDC wrote a very good white paper about this topic that you can download here.

Learn more about how this works in the following videos:

In summary, XtremIO 4.0 is Beastly for its scale and performance, but it’s also Beautiful on the inside for it’s simplicity and for what it can do for you. Check out some more videos on XtremIO 4.0 and see for yourself.

About the Author: Dell Technologies