Work/Life Balance for Women in Customer Service

The IT industry requires very knowledgeable professionals able to rapidly adapt to an ever evolving technology. Over the past decades, customers have been used to work in their data centers with a predominantly male population. Still female professionals choose Customer Service as a career.

Listen to eight Customer Service professionals – Susanne in Germany, Laura in Spain, Elizabeth and Tiffany in the UK, Marte in Norway, Liliana in Israel, Helga in South Africa and Gwladys in France – who made that choice. They all have different, challenging roles in Customer Service; work in various countries in EMEA and don’t want to miss those special moments in their private life – a sports event at the children ’school, going out with friends… Their insights are very helpful in understanding how they meet their business objectives, progress in their careers AND manage their work life balance.

Watch What it is like to be a successful female employee in EMC’s customer service team.


Are you a woman in Customer Service? Please share your story, submit a comment below and let us know how you have tackled the challenge of work/life balance in your career.

Bernadette Paillaud

EMEA Customer Service Marketing

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