Winners Announced! Spanish Support Community Sweepstakes

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I am pleased to announce several winners of the Spanish Support Community sweepstakes, identified in the list below. EMC is awarding a variety of prizes on a weekly basis to those Spanish-speaking EMC customers and partners who contribute content to the Spanish Support Community. There is also a grand prize for the person who contributes the most to the community. Official rules apply – learn more about how to enter to win prizes by clicking here

The Spanish Support Community is an important part of EMC’s Agile Services strategy – it enables you to connect and share technical content with other EMC customers, partners, and technical experts in your preferred language.

As an active member of the EMC Spanish Support Community, you can:

  • Ask and answer questions in product-focused support forums
  • Quickly find detailed advice and solutions to common issues
  • Develop connections as you share ideas, experiences, and feedback
  • Gain recognition and qualify for incentives based on your participation and expertise

I encourage you to make the Spanish Support Community your first stop for the most relevant technical information you need to support your EMC products.

We also recently launched the Portuguese Support Community and are running a similar program to award prizes to those Portuguese-speaking EMC customers and partners who contribute there. Read the official rules and learn how to enter by clicking here.

There is still time to participate in EMC’s multi-lingual Support Communities and enter to win a prize. Just post questions, answers, and documents, and you maybe one of the lucky winners!

Congratulations to the winners to date, and thank you for your contribution.

Spanish Support Community winners to date:

  • Fernando Ayuso Valverde
  • Jorge Cotelo
  • Ernesto Aldecader
  • Said Eduardo Sanchez Cruz
  • Ignacio Ferrerin
  • Claudio Jeniec
  • Fernando Montagna
  • Alvaro de Andres Gomez
  • Alvaro de Andres
  • David Marin Aviles
  • Oscar Gabriel Madrigal Valdes
  • Osiris E. Carranza Alvarado

Thank you,

Hien Ho

Principal Program Manager | EMC Corporation | CS Innovation

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