Will the Next-generation Data Center Make Your Life Simpler?

CIOs everywhere are significantly evolving the enterprise data center – redesigning it for virtualized environments and cloud computing. While these advancements make it easier for people accessing the data, do they make life simpler for those who are managing the data center?

Storage shouldn’t be stressful. I’m constantly amazed by how many customers and prospects I speak to who are having challenges with their storage environment. This is particularly true as they evolve their data center in a “cloud” direction – virtualized, elastic, consolidated, and ubiquitous for their users. The next-generation data center holds the promise of improved costs, efficiency and ease-of-use for the business, but only if it can do so without stressing out the administrators.

A storage solution should offer the ability to combine multiple workflows, scale easily regardless of capacity or performance, provide robust data protection, and continually become more cost-efficient to run. It should play nicely with rapidly evolving technologies like VMware while providing continuity and consolidation for non-virtualized applications. It should give a limitless number of people simultaneous access to information with no noticeable speed bumps – and it should be seamless to add additional lanes and on-ramps. It should offer detailed analytics in real-time that do not require a PhD to understand and utilize. It needs to provide robust, end-to-end data protection that is intuitive and aligned with the value of the data protected.

In short, storage should be powerful AND simple.

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About the Author: Nick Kirsch