Why Superman Would Secure His Data in the EMC Data Protection Cloud

“Men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees.” So sang Five for Fighting in the song “Superman (It’s Not Easy).” But Superman is no ordinary man. He does fly with clouds between his knees!


That got me thinking about what Superman would do if he had to protect his data. (And why wouldn’t he? Every business, organization, and person—including superheroes—should be backing up their data to protect it from the Lex Luthors of the world.) The EMC data protection cloud is the most logical place for the Man of Steel’s data. Anything less would be, well, weak. And it wouldn’t meet a superhero’s strict, superhuman standards. But the EMC data protection cloud does. A superhero is all about strength, confidence, being bulletproof, and always making the right choice to protect what’s important. Besides, after logging lots of airtime, Superman is familiar with the cloud. The cloud is logical; it makes good sense.

Let’s take a moment to consider what you need to look for in a protection cloud in order for it to be more powerful than a locomotive.

  • Does your cloud support long-term retention for your data? For superior strength, your protection cloud should enable seamless tiering across all aspects of your organization. And that demands simplified connectivity, integration, and management.
  • Can you send data directly to cloud? You need the option of backing up your primary or secondary data directly to the cloud. That means comprehensive backup for all consumption models, whether in physical or virtual environments. And data must always be securely encrypted during storage and while at rest.
  • What about your SaaS data? Even data from cloud-based workloads needs to be protected. Don’t forget the business-critical data being generated by your SaaS apps including Salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps; if you’re not protecting it, no one else is.

Regardless of how you’re taking advantage of the cloud, your data must always be secure and accessible. Superman is able to leap tall buildings, but he can’t protect your data. For fun, let’s compare the Man of Steel and the EMC data protection cloud.
superman chartSo, in summary, what do Superman and the EMC data protection cloud have in common? Superman is an American cultural icon. And he’s strong. On the other hand, the EMC data protection cloud is international and knows no cultural boundaries. It’s everywhere! And it’s certified, audited, encrypted, uniquely adaptable to your specific needs, and bullet-proof! Although Superman is fictional, if the Man of Steel were real, he would surely protect his data in the EMC data protection cloud because he appreciates and understands super-strength and being invulnerable. And there’s little doubt that the mild-mannered Clark Kent would protect his data in the same way. That’s because no matter where you are, the cloud is always there to protect your important data. Unlike Clark Kent’s identity, that’s no secret.

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About the Author: Brian Heckert