“Why I love My EqualLogic SAN”

imageYou can only imagine the buzz around the office when a Google alert led to the discovery of the Watermark Geeks blog and this particular post: “Why I love our EqualLogic San.” We were all intrigued on how a church in Texas is using the SAN and if they had any differences running their business from other small businesses.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Sullivan, from the Dell TechCenter, Stephen from Studio Dell, and I made the three hour drive to Dallas from Dell’s HQ in Round Rock to visit with Scott Miller. Upon arriving at Watermark Community Church, we quickly began to realize this wasn’t just your typical small town church. With over 5,000 members in weekly attendance, we were visiting a “mega-church.”

Their use for their EqualLogic PS5000 is very similar to other small business: data growth, need for disaster recovery and the need for “simple functionality.” Only having a two person IT staff team, led to Watermark choosing the EqualLogic SAN for the simplicity of it.

After our visit, Scott wrote another post on our visit to “Big D.” Below is a video of our afternoon with Scott. Also, visit the Tech Center for a more detailed post.

Thanks again for being such great host!

About the Author: Kristin Storer

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