Why Everything Must Change In Technology Services

Reflections 1In the world of technology services, change is underway whether or not we choose to accept it.

Soaring adoption of public and hybrid cloud combined with open source app development are directly impacting traditional consumption models.  From a go-to-market perspective, services offerings are evolving to be more solution-oriented and readily available online.

And there’s an increasing need for automation and scalability of our technology and expertise as services professionals.

Change Is Needed

Powerful market forces in the IT industry are predicted to establish a markedly different reality from what we have experienced in 2015.  In five years, delivering the same services with the same capabilities and the same technology simply won’t do.

Reflections 2

Customers are already speaking through their purchasing behavior.  Industry analysts are making predictions that cannot be ignored.   As a result, the services business model must respond.

Change Isn’t New To EMC Global Services

EMC Global Services’ own transformational programs align the team to market and customer needs while helping shape our overall growth and vision.  It requires a tremendous amount of communication to our services leadership so they can pass along the reasoning behind the transformation.

Employees who understand why change is needed adapt to new processes and technology faster.

Reflections 3Some of our current actions include:

  • Aligning roles and responsibilities around solutions
  • Driving customer focus through a combination of personalization and predictive analytics
  • Improving automation, intelligent collaboration, and peer-to-peer communities
  • Restructuring around the end-to-end customer experience

Customers Will Benefit From Change

Customers must see results for a transformation to be deemed a success. For those working with EMC, these range from data visualizations that alert them about the health associated with their environments…

Reflections 4

…to a predictive analytics initiative where service managers proactively reach out to potentially dissatisfied customers.   These efforts help our customers do their jobs better and our team members gain better insight into the challenges customers are facing.

Change Will Continue

Agility will always be necessary in the process of anticipating and delivering what customers need.  We are staying close to them, regularly asking how their needs are evolving and then making appropriate investments in people, processes and technology.

How are you leading your services business into 2020?

About the Author: Kevin Roche