Who's on first?

Years ago, there was a wonderful skit by the comedic geniuses Abbot and Costello, in which they discuss baseball and player’s names.  Who was on first base, What on second base, and I Don’t Know on third.  As you can imagine, confusion ensued when each tried to understand the other. Maybe it’s because I’m old school, or maybe it’s just because I love the game of baseball, but I still laugh every time I watch that skit!! In the PowerVault MD3 Array series, we are taking some of the confusion out of our product line by simplifying the family name of our PowerVault array series to MD3.  With our 13 model numbers, we don’t want you asking, Who is what? No, What is on second…and ending up with I don’t know.  Instead we want you to understand how reliable and versatile the MD3 product line is; allowing you to choose what meets the specific needs of your business.  

On November 15, 2012, we're announcing the release of new software features across the entire MD3 product line that will make the MD3 arrays a grand slam for your business!  We turn a triple play on data protection with Dynamic Disk Pools (previously only on the MD3 Dense array), IP Remote Replication and increased Snapshots per system.   Additionally we are improving the efficiency of utilization for your storage with Thin Provisioning, and improving performance with SSD Cache enabling you to store the most frequently accessed data on a dedicated SSD hard drive.  Additionally, if your environment is virtualized, then the enhanced integration of VMware’s VAAI will help support more virtual machines.  Finally, if you are unsure about whether these new features will meet your needs, there is no way you can strike out with our new Try and Buy program, offering a 90 day free license to determine what will give you the home field advantage and meet your business requirements.    

If you can’t guess, baseball is my passion, and I want you to feel like you have hit a home run, when you choose PowerVault MD3!  So, step up to the plate and take a look at what our lineup looks like at Dell.com/PowerVaultMD3 or DellStorage.com/PowerVault.

About the Author: David Ard