White Paper: A Revolutionary Approach to Cloud Building

A while ago, as a follow-up to our white paper “Laying the Groundwork for Private and Public Clouds” Dell and Intel worked with CIO magazine to put together a Tech Dossier that picked up where our previous paper left off.

A Revolutionary Approach to Cloud Building” consists of an upfront white paper and four related articles:

  • Intel Builds a Private Cloud — CIO Magazine
  • Cloud Computing: The Future of Application Architectures — CIO Magazine
  • How to Build a Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy — Forrester’s James Staten
  • Cloud Computing Shopping List: 4 Key Ingredients — CIO Magazine

You say you want a Revolution

Here are a few paragraphs from the white paper to whet your appetite:

For many enterprises, building a private cloud is simply the next step on an evolutionary path that began with data center consolidation. When a company has established a strong virtualization underpinning and is working with traditional enterprise applications, an evolutionary approach to the private cloud makes perfect sense…

In some instances, however, taking what Dell refers to as a “revolutionary” approach to private clouds will be more efficient and much more appropriate. The revolutionary approach makes use of “new world” applications that are written for and deployed in the cloud. These cloud-native applications are designed from the ground up for greater scalability and use across a multitude of servers…

The revolutionary approach requires a new way of thinking about the cloud, but one that Van Mondfrans says enterprise IT executives should undertake sooner rather than later. “This is where the application paradigm is going,” he says…

You can access the document here (no registration required :) .

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