Where’s Waldo? No, Where’s Barton George!

imageMuch like the game my kids have always loved, Where's Waldo, on a daily basis we get the pleasure of trying to keep track of our newest colleague, Barton George, Dell's cloud evangelist.

He spent some time at OpenSource World/CloudWorld/Next Generation Data Center, which previously went by a much simpler name of LinuxWorld, and appears to have interviewed the entire left side of the menu (read: reference to Steve Guttenberg in the 1982 film Diner). He's posted those interviews on his blog and many of them here on Inside Enterprise IT (including Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth, Egenera's Ken Oestrich, Right Scale's Michael Crandell, GoGrid's John Keagy and Reductive Labs' Luke Kanies, among many others).

Well, the tables were turned on Barton recently and Michael Cote of RedMonk spent some time talking to Barton for their IT Management & Cloud Podcast.

They discussed a broad range of topics, including:

  • Swinging of dead cats;
  • Dell's cloud strategy and Dell's Data Center Solutions group;
  • Dell's desire to expand these efforts to a wider group of customers;
  • Software-as-a-Service; and,
  • Recent industry events and cloud conferences.

Take some time to listen to the podcast here.

About the Author: Bruce Eric