When time is money, Windows 7 makes the difference

More than 200 staff feedback to Baker Tilly’s IT department about performance improvements after Windows 7 deployment

image There’s no doubt that the way we work is changing. We are working flexible hours, hot-desking, and getting more done on the move. Mobile working has recently been embraced by the financial world, where round-the-clock access to files, documents and emails is essential. When time is money, even a few minutes wasted tracking down and accessing vital documents, can be costly. We’ve recently seen this first-hand at Baker Tilly when they wanted to improve the remote capabilities of its advisors.

Baker Tilly has really embraced mobile working and wants to give all staff access to information, anytime, anyplace. What’s more they want to help staff do more on the move, and do it faster. The answer was new hardware and a move to Windows 7, giving staff effective, secure, reliable connections to the network. 

The result for staff at Baker Tilly is vastly improved networking and remote access, in fact the IT team received more than 200 unprompted emails from end-users mentioning improved performance when connecting remotely to the network. BranchCache means no more lengthy downloads when viewing centralised files and remote updates and repairs not only save time for IT staff for end-users too. 

Benefits include: 

  • Windows 7 expertise supports four-week rollout across 31 offices
  • Employees better equipped to respond to customer needs
  • Savings estimated at around £922 per user per year
  • Running costs to fall by approximately£96 per device per year
  • Return on investment of around 124 per cent anticipated within about 14 months
  • Energy costs to fall by around £20 per client device
  • Windows 7 deployment extends lifecycle of existing hardware

This is a great example of how a firm can give employees access to the latest technology, helping them meet clients’ needs in a way that’s flexible, secure and cost effective.

Watch our video to find out more about how Baker Tilly has opened new doors with Windows 7:

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady