What’s Next for VCE

Three years ago, we created VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company, our joint venture with Cisco, supported by investments from VMware and Intel.

Through VCE, we bring together best-of-breed networking and servers from Cisco, storage from EMC, and virtualization technologies from VMware to help customers transition from a traditional data center environment to an IT-as-a-Service/cloud-based environment. Transforming a data center takes steps. It is a journey. VCE helps customers accelerate this journey and receive the massive benefits of more agility, efficiency, control and choice along the way.

How successful is this joint venture? VCE widened its lead in converged infrastructure in 2012, claiming a 57 percent share of its integrated infrastructure segment.  That was more than twice the share of the next closest vendor, according to Gartner research.

When we created VCE in November of 2009, our original goal was for demand for VCE Vblocks and related products and services to reach $1 billion on an annualized basis within three years. VCE achieved that goal last year, ahead of schedule, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s next.

VCE customers can expect more choice going forward. VCE will continue to build bigger Vblocks, and starting today will go down market, with the introduction of the Vblock System 100 and the Vblock System 200, for mid–market customers.

I am also excited about the next steps VCE is taking to simplify data center operations with the introduction of VCE Vision Intelligent Operations. By implementing a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ management layer, customers can preserve the investments made in their existing framework and have a truly converged operations experience. I believe VCE is once again ahead of the pack in setting the future direction of IT.

As VCE broadens its reach to extend the benefits of converged infrastructure to new customers, EMC will invest even more into the joint venture. No company can be an island unto itself, which is why partnerships are so important. Both Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and I believe that viscerally. EMC, VMware and Cisco are committed to this strategic partnership and will continue investing to meet and exceed our customers’ objectives.

Click here to watch a video from Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers,  VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Joe about VCE’s launch today.

About the Author: Joe Tucci